Philosophy over coffee


All throughout this time, I have tried to maintain a blog where I can express my views, my life stories, my experiences and everything else there is to tell. Yet every time, I feel the need to keep moving and changing. Maybe because of some entries too personal or designs quite bland or blog title unsatisfactory. And this is my Nth attempt at maintaining one. How long I can maintain it, I don’t know. But with a new blog comes a new keyboard for my laptop and it should push me to write as much as my keyboard allows, before keys start popping out again which certainly detersme from typing.

And about me…

23 biologically, 15 mentally. An MPPM degree holder from the University of Southern California. Loves all kinds of music except metal rock and some foreign- they could sound really odd. If I were to prioritize, I would probably put trance on number 1. Tiesto is human god. And everything else falls on number 2.

I try to be fit, avoiding high caloric intake when I can. But lately, after getting out of school and starting job hunting, I have been hogging Reese’s peanut butter cups and Chicken in a Biskit. I also have been too lazy to workout. More so doing it regularly. I don’t like soda. Maybe except Sunkist. Diet Sunkist at least. I love Fuze green tea. Addicted to Starbucks’ Iced Non-fat Caramel Macchiato and Mint Mocha Chip Frap.

Dreams of landing a job in the financial sector in the US, the UK or in other places where football thrives. Consulting is another option. Perhaps financial services or private equity consulting? Due to multi-lingual incompetence, UK’s my best choice. And due to traveling hassles, US is.

Loves reading the FT. More so now that the delivery system in my area no longer sucks. Because it’s unconventionally pink, it is more international- less news on the US and American politics, and it makes me smarter… or look smarter. Lately however, the FT gets pushed to past midnight. My day is now occupied by CNBC. It is addicting.

I’m surprised that up to this point, I still haven’t mentioned my love for football. Chelsea FC. Italia/Germany, Spain, England. Although the last one is contestable due to their inconsistency. Though lately, and I mean the past year or so, my level of support has been considerably shameful. I did watch the Euros, however.

Musically repressed, rarely do I get the chance to sing and dance. Which is partly what I believe I was born to do. But my mind says otherwise.

I like nice clothes. And occasionally cheesy movies. More recently, I’ve been digging classic movies. From the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. My last roommate got me addicted to them, which is really not bad at all. I am also fascinated by WWII movies, particularly those set under the occupation of the Nazi Germany. (After watching a 6-part documentary and a couple of movies, I guess a part of me got depressed that I’ve somewhat stayed away from them for a while.)

Nothing beats good food whether at 12nn or 12am. Italian, Thai, Korean, and sushi for crying out loud.


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