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Watchmen: B+/A-

In Flicks, Size: Grande on March 6, 2009 at 6:45 pm

I went to the 12mn showing of Watchmen last night.  And I was happy with my decision to not read the last chapter of the novel because the ending of the film made up a big part of the reason why I loved the movie.


I shall return to the book to finish reading later but for now, here’s my review:


I loved the film because it is not your typical superhero story. It is not simply a matter of good versus evil; people perceived the Watchmen to be evil.  The only hero that had extraordinary powers came about not even because he was born with it, but because of a terrible accident in a physics lab.  And maybe Nite Owl’s ship, which is apparently not a hero.  Beyond that, I loved the various ways one can interpret the story and its ending. Why the Watchmen exist is pretty clear- to try to save the world from the destruction it is creating for itself.  But the means by which these individuals accomplish this goal is somewhat different from Batman, Superman or other superheroes.  It is a notch or two more controversial.


This is a story of ends justifying the means, of the need for sacrifices, of the struggles of humanity and what they are capable of doing without some form of mediation, of the need to sometimes keep silent, of sometimes compromising… The story truly presents not a complex plot, but more importantly, a complex look at human nature.  I…(read more)t did not blow me away as much as The Dark Knight did (I personally thought it somewhat lacked the umph!) but having political references (including Nixon, the Cold War, even Fidel Castro was there!) and the closer-to-humanity story there is than other superhero films personally added to the appeal.


I agree, however, what others say.  That without having read the novel first, some might get lost. After all, it was as close an adaptation of the book as it could get. But overall, it was a really entertaining film.  The voice-overs, the beautiful perfectly-selected songs, the gruesomeness (at some point beating the brutality of Kill Bill)… I just loved it.  B+/A-.  Whether it upgrades to an A is still to be tested. Wait until the movie comes out.


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