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Two Men, Two Speeches

In Headlines, Size: Grande on November 5, 2008 at 11:09 pm

Two senators: a Democrat, a Republican.

One a victor, another a fighter.

After two years of campaigning, a day of voting and hours of waiting, one finally wins as the new president.


John McCain’s speech last night, as he conceded the presidency to Barack Obama (D-Il.), was no doubt the best he has given since eternity. Despite the occasional boos from the crowd, there was nothing but nobility, sincerity, and elegance in his speech. Coming to the election, most expected an Obama victory, and quite appropriately so. McCain’s defeat, or the GOP’s for that matter, may be attributed to a lot of different factors that worked to Obama’s advantage. The economy, the much loathed Iraq war, and more importantly, the way the campaign was run. Even I got sick of his Joe the Plumber tactic… and Palin, boy oh boy. Yes, she is charming, articulate, and even hot. But there was just so much about her actions that completely killed those complements. It might be better not to list them down.

McCain is far from the ideal GOP candidate, particularly when one goes head to head against the ever eloquent and disciplined Obama. But how the GOP candidate’s advisers and staff handled things simply made things worse- many times made him and his running mate such laughing stocks. Even with a well-run campaign, I believe Obama still would have won. But the lead also wouldn’t have been that brutal. With even less than half the electoral votes, that tells you it was more than people’s want for “change” that brought the tandem down. Their very own strategies and faux pas ate them alive.

On the other hand, Barack Obama was admittedly a well-educated, eloquent, and pro-middle-class man. His talent for delivering effective and inspirational speeches undoubtedly drew people in; even the red states. One can’t help but have respect for a man like him who is able to give hope to people just when it seems that all has faded. Having said that, he is not my candidate because of the ideologies he stand for. Labeled as one of the most liberal among the liberals, that’s just a complete turn off. As a conservative, I refuse to succumb to the ideas of higher taxes, big government, gay marriage, and pro-life. With the looming tax hikes, I fear and worry for corporate America’s future. But I’d look past that, in the name of a better America. He better deliver. He better set aside partisanship and move 2, 3, 4 steps to the right of ideological spectrum. He needs to shift to the center.

With the depressing economic conditions, maybe he is what the people want, what the market wants. For as long as people wake up to a much better economy by January 2012, where both the middle class and corporate America thrive, I shall not complain.

Moving on to the remarkable speeches given last night, one of concession and the other of election, here are their videos:

John McCain (R-Az.)

Barack Obama (D-Il.)

Both said it best- there is no better strategy for progression than efforts where partisanship is set aside and the red and blue working together.

PS. MSNBC claims they’re THE place for politics. Well, not during primetime. Because they are rather a breeding ground for liberal pigs.


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