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Delayed Update

In Life Matters, Size: Grande on August 24, 2008 at 8:31 pm

It has been almost 2 weeks since I left Los Angeles, since I last blogged. Though I should have more time to do stuff, and I actually do, I seem to have less time to do a variety of things. Ever since getting here in Chicago, I have been focused on pretty much 2 things: job hunting and TV. Yes, I have been watching so much TV given I have one in the room where I sleep in. While I do spend a lot of time writing cover letters (still), I still do find A LOT of time to watch the boob tube. And my viewing is focused on two: CNBC, which is the financial TV network of NBC and is like Bloomberg, and the mundane- dating shows, hollywood news, reality shows… those you’re more likely to watch if you’re in Los Angeles.

So far I have applied to 15 jobs. And perhaps 15 is my goal every week. In a month or so, I should have applied to 60, which isn’t so bad. In two months, 120. It’s only a matter of having enough (GOOD) opportunities. Maybe a good strategy would be to apply for US job the first month, and outside of the US the 2nd. After all, it takes some time to hear from companies. So hopefully, IF I get called say to the UK, it’d be the time I need to leave the US (IF I don’t get a job here).

Job hunting is both scary and exciting. With how things are going right now in the world economy, I cannot help but be worried about how long it’s going to take me to get a job, here or elsewhere. But it is also exciting given the wonderful opportunities that await me. Landing a good, nice-paying job that meets all my other requirements and allows me to explore what I want to do most would make it best. I have and I believe always will want to have a job in the financial sector. In corporate banking or investment banking. Be a financial analyst, a research analyst. Whatever allows me to work with numbers. I am not a math whiz but I’m sure it is something I can excel in. While looking for job opportunities, I came across other positions and companies that looked interesting. Some are on the creative side, some on the more technical ones. Apparently, there are some where I believe I could still apply in, whereas there are others where I don’t stand a chance.

Life in Chicago has been slow, very chill. Nothing to do. Living in a suburb with no car to drive around with, except having to hitch with my aunt when we need to go get something from the grocery, restricts my activity completely. More so than in LA. If anything good comes out of being home too much, it is that I no longer spend as much. It allows me to do what I have to do. I hope this all pays off in the near future; I can’t afford to be jobless for a very long time. Particularly after spending so much for tuition and for other stuff. Money needs to start flowing in. I guess it’s all about patience. IT IS all about patience and hard work.

My recent addiction with movies made me think that I want to have my own home theater when I finally get my own house. I imagine a room with a red-painted wall, top of the line surround-sound stereo, and say, a 65-inch LCD HDTV? Ah, that would be heaven.


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