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RT#1: Keeping things grande.

In Randomness, Size: Grande on June 15, 2008 at 10:16 am

1. Sundays are generally boring. Not only is it because there’s considerably few emails that get sent but also it is a time when no one is around. Well, except for Starbucks peeps.

2. I am a bad movie critic. I’ve gone from being positive to being, well, neutral, after seeing the movie ‘The Oxford Murders’ to which I initially had a good though until I read some reviews post-watching (therefore the neutral stance to balance things out).

3. Usually, I don’t believe in alms-giving because I think it might promote abuse or tolerance of the practice. However, in the Philippines, I think I am more inclined to give to the kids that roam the roads than to the (white/black) old men here. Case in point: the regular beggar in Starbucks who asks for $2 to buy diapers for his daughter.

4. I feel repressed not being able to sing whenever, wherever I want to. Instead I do silent performances. Whenever, wherever. At least it makes me believe I can reach all the notes with utter perfection.

5. Maybe I spend too much time doing worthless things. I always, always lack the time to finish reading the Financial Times and start reading one of the books that’s lined up on my desk.

6. Delivery service here sucks. I consistently miss my copies of FT twice a week. Mondays/Tuesday and Fridays. My weekend FT comes on Sundays. Strange.

7. Fortune cookies from Panda Express are getting my hopes up about landing a good job. Yesterday’s says “Your dearest wish will come true” and today’s says “A thrilling time is in your immediate future”. Coincidentally related? I fuckin’ hope not.

8. I need to keep my posts grande. As in the coffee sizes in Starbucks, which I apparently decided to use to sort of categorize my entries. A friend of mine complained that my posts are too long. Just as a venti coffee is too much for some people. I intended for this post to be tall, but it’s gone grande now.

*RT = Random Thoughts


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