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In Flicks, Size: Grande on June 14, 2008 at 10:19 pm

A friend recommended this movie and without a clue as to what it’s about, I obediently downloaded it. Not even exerting some effort to look for the plot, I quickly watched it after it finished downloading. Even with some work that needs to be done, I thought this is probably worth spending some time on. It had an interesting title.

In this movie “In Bruges”, I personally thought Colin Farrell did an amazing, and interesting, acting in this movie. The expressions, the witty remarks, the humor… Gotta love the Irish guy in this movie. Add to that the irony that is found between the violence/goriness/thrill and the fairy-tale-ish/romantic/idyllic scenery that is Bruges.

Watch the trailer and it might interest you as well.

PS I thought “Bruges” was some foreign language that meant something… interesting. At the risk of sounding stupid, I even read it “Bru-ges”. Perhaps the most unsophisticated way of reading it. HA. HA. HA. I didn’t know a place as such existed in Belgium. Plus it was recommended by a German lad. I must be forgiven…


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