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‘Sweet ‘these’ are made of dreams’

In Life Matters, Size: Venti on June 12, 2008 at 12:37 am

Two dreams I had within the past week stuck in my mind. One got me excited and the other one got me somewhat scared and worried. About 2 days ago, I dreamed getting a haircut again. It was just 2-3 weeks ago that I did. And yes, this was the one that got me excited. Well, it was the thought of having a new (good) look. You can’t blame me, can you? Especially looking at the fact that I usually don’t cut my hair until 4-5 months after I last had it. Every single time I do get it, it makes me feel much better. I look good. (Okay, this is the end of vanity for this post.) Anyway, it always rouses my curiosity as to what these dreams mean. Perhaps even without scientific verification (or is it even necessary?), I do hold some form of belief in these random interpretations you find on the net. Maybe because, sometimes they do have a semblance of accuracy and logic. So here’s what I found out about my haircut:

To dream that you are cutting your hair suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits.

I’d like to think that both are correct. Being in the process and extreme level of pressure of getting a job does exhaust my energy. Mentally. The thought of being jobless and of not finding by the time I graduate, which is in 2 months time… they are scary possibilities. And it wouldn’t help for them to turn into reality. It may also be right to say that my thinking/ambitions are getting reshaped and that unwanted thoughts and habits are being eliminated. Recently, I find myself… changed in some sense. Again going back to the whole job hunting issue, I believe I am trying to reshape my ambitions as I ask myself if what I think I like now for my first job is really what I would want 1, 3, 5 years from now. I am looking at many other different options, maybe simply out of desperation. Then again, I do think I am also slowly expurgating the negative, unwanted thoughts that have been holding be back for the past N year or so. There are a lot.

Now that I am busy with school and I have been pretty much by myself the last few days, just working on whatever needs to be done and having (some) little time to think about things (or just not give a shit about them) somehow teaches me new things. It gives me a new feeling of independence. The feeling that while I am by myself, I am not really. Maybe this all started when i decided to go see a concert by myself. I couldn’t emphasize enough how much of a blast it was. I had EXTREME fun even by myself. For the longest time, I thought it is shameful to go solo flight. But it just really depends on the setting, on your mood, and even what you believe in. Perhaps that changed my whole mentality, or half of my mentality. lol

The second dream that vividly lingers in my mind was that which I had about 5-7 days ago. I was out somewhere, in a beach or wherever there was a big body of water around me… I was happily ‘swimming’/wakeboarding (which I honestly have never done in my entire life) with my friend Belle. All of a sudden, this huge wave stood from afar and it was evidently ready to devour both of us. And it did shatter over us. Only, it left us unscathed. So much more wet, but perfectly fine… It gave me a lil fear in that dream but also some kind of rush as I saw it come closer to us. Here’s how it was interpreted:

Waves on a body of water can represent power, energy, nature or the forces of nature. They can also represent rhythm and cycles. They can represent being carried along in life, making things easy, or if they’re working against you they can represent challenges, obstacles, overwhelm, chaos, or turbulence. One huge wave could represent overwhelm or a challenge in your life. Turbulent waves might represent chaos or loss of control due to external forces in your life.

If that huge wave represented huge amount of power/energy, then I think it is a good thing. It means that sooner I will have much energy to proceed with my life and do whatever is lined up for me. If those were challenges, big challenges, then the fact that we got through it unhurt could only mean that a big challenge might be lurking around (finding a job?) but I’ll emerge fine, unhurt because maybe I’ll get something good, something big. It’s just a matter of waiting for a bit and hoping and praying. And keeping my fingers crossed.

Unlike astrology, I do believe more in what dreams mean in our lives. Despite the lack of credibility of the various interpretations fed to us by the internet, I guess it is the sense of comfort that I get out of the fact that whatever interpretation there is, I see its applicability to my own life. How appropriate, how accurate they are. Even if it isn’t so, we are left the right to give our own interpretations to it and live accordingly. Those dreams could be bitter, and scary, and incomprehensible. But the interpretations we get and how we make sense of those could only help us make something sweet out of them.


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