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Divorcing marriage

In Headlines, Life Matters, Size: Grande on June 10, 2008 at 11:01 pm

Having had lunch at one cafe in school allowed me to catch a glimpse of some news on TV. It was interesting enough to have caught a report about marriage in the United States for 2 consecutive days. Yesterday, it was reported that in a span of 7 years (?), the number of couples getting married declined by 20% and co-habitation is now at a rate of 80%. In today’s news, viewers sent their opinions and the following were just some of them:

  • It is becoming socially acceptable to have children out of wedlock. So why get married when there’s no need?
  • One guy, after going through 3 divorces, already thinks marriage is not worth it (SURPRISE!)
  • Marriage is merely a glorified and expensive pinky-promise.
  • (If I understood it right…) Filing your ITR individually, rather than as a couple, actually increases your rebate and this allegedly makes for good (economic) argument against marriage.
  • A guy said his grandparents celebrated their 50th and his parents are about to celebrate their 25th. Thus, he would want to have his own wedding and break some records. (Glad to hear!)

Three of the views above only prove the gravity of are and how rare is it for you to see people who still believe in the value of marriage. One guest in the show yesterday said that people now have more fears of getting married due to the growing statistics of people getting divorced. As a result, they just resort to co-habitation, where they don’t get tied down. There’s no commitment.

I don’t know what else to make of this. As someone who was brought up as a Catholic with my own view of the sacrament of matrimony, its value and sacredness, it is difficult to be impartial hearing things like this. It is not fair to blame the country and say it is not a good place to settle down and start your own family. Rather it is in the people who are involved and the society itself that creates pressure among everyone else, giving the impression that marriage is almost sure to fail. I hope I don’t see that day when marriage becomes a societal taboo because the society dictated it to be so. Legalization of gay marriage, departure from heterosexual marriage, co-habitation, and either children out of wedlock or abortion… Something must be terribly wrong with this country.


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